Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Cookie Monster Under Fire

Over the years liberals have targeted many voices that were not in line with their ideology. Under the banner of supporting political correctness liberals have attacked and attempted to silence men like Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh and Trent Lott. This time the left has gone too far. No, I am not talking about the mudslinging campaign currently aimed at Tom Delay. The left is currently involved in a far more insidious plot to silence a voice that has avoided being co-opted into a politically correct stance for decades. I am talking about a blue haired, crazy eyed “cookie monster” that has continuously defied the lefts cabal against fatty foods by publicly proclaiming his love for cookies. Being a minority (blue cookie monsters are seriously underrepresented on television) has protected Cookie Monster from scrutiny for most of his professional career. But alas in a politically correct rage the left has turned its attention to censoring this childhood icon that wanted nothing more than to enjoy his baked goods in peace. I am no libertarian but even I agree that a man or a monster should be allowed to eat his cookies in peace.

It’s interesting to note that the liberal elites at PBS think that America’s children are nothing but mindless sheep. The PC police have deemed Cookie Monster, with his poor eating habits and famous catch phrase “C is for cookie and that’s good enough for me”, a poor role model for kids. They warned him to clean up his act or else. Let it be noted that Cookie monster has done nothing wrong, in fact even some of the more upstanding citizens on Sesame Street such as Big Bird and Elmo have been known to enjoy a sprinkle or black and white cookie from time to time. Cookie Monster has always been known more for his “googley” eyes than his mettle and has unfortunately caved under the pressure. In an opening act of capitulation the Monster came out and announced that his true name was “Sid” not Cookie Monster. He has already started to descend down the slippery slope as he sells out to the PC police. Has begun to admonish kids “Cookies are a sometimes food” because they make you fat. I feel bad for Cookie Monster and am disappointed that he did not have the courage to stand up for what he believes in. I wish that Cookie Monster had been able to stand tall and defend his ideals. Who can imagine what stone will fall next? Will the Ninja Turtles be forced to give up Pizza in favor of salad? Will Garfield be forced to engage Odie in intellectual dialogue rather than kicking him off the table? Will Calvin be forced to reconcile his differences with Susie in order to further a sense of equality between the sexes? How much of our culture and our heritage will we allow the PC police to steal from us? How much will we allow them to white wash out culture to ensure that not a single person ever has to use his own judgment or think for himself?

I grew up watching Cookie Monster eat cookies, plates and anything else in range and I managed to avoid becoming obese. I would like to think that I was smart enough to understand that Cookie Monster’s digestive tract was nothing like mine. I would also like to believe that any child would be able to see that it would be impossible for him to act anything like Cookie Monster and survive. Childhood obesity (and the diabetes that all too often accompanies it) is a major problem but to blame it on Cookie Monster is a farce. I can say with a relatively that no child is going to listen to Sid warn that “Cookies are a some times food” and be saved from obesity. If we want to deal with the true causes of childhood obesity it will require far more effort than merely pushing around a Muppet that is incapable of defending himself. The issues that (to my best guess) reside in the background of childhood obesity relate to familial issues which coincidentally are the issues that the left and their PC police are the most reluctant to tackle. The most effective way to protect children is to foster a culture in strong family’s are responsible for their children’s future. Families in which a mother and a father spend time raising their children (even if that means one parent make concessions in his or her career if possible). Working toward a family that is protected from the many attacks that have been fostered against it over the years such as the acceptance of divorce, gay marriage and even premarital sex that leads to single mothers, would do far more to protect children than censoring Cookie Monster.

I suggest that Tom Delay and Cookie Monster get together to protest against the slanderous attacks that have been aimed at them over the last few weeks. It is not a time for us to be divided. It doesn’t matter if you are a blue monster fighting to protect your cookies or a conservative senator trying to protect your senate seat, you cannot allow yourself to succumb to the shrill attacks of the left. Keep your eyes open, maybe one day soon on CSPAN we will see Sid (Cookie) Monster and Tom Delay come out in a unified front. If that ever happens, it will be the PC Police branch of the Democratic Party’s worst nightmare.
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